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Coaching Sessions ~ video conferencing

Academic Support


Educational support services and skill building coaching tailored to meet individual learning goals.  

Short or long term sessions available.

K-12 Courses

Study and Test Prep Skills

Executive (Organization) Skills

ACT Test Prep


Want to raise your scores?  Our sessions include strategies and analyses that will help you reach  your ACT goals!  Learn to make greatest gains in time to complete more questions and improve accuracy in every section.  Complete practice drills and tests to analyze results and identify how to improve.  

Depending upon the test dates scheduled by the College Board, the sessions typically are six to eight weeks in length, but can be arranged for individual needs.   

Business Skills


Are you looking to expand knowledge and understanding of business skills or technical training?  We have nearly 100 courses available in management, finances, customer support, office services, and software programs available.  Meetings are scheduled to fit individual needs and Certificates  of Completion are awarded when these professional ldevelopment sesssions are completed.

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The Education Station provides the perfect coaching opportunity where you can choose the location for your or your child’s educational support experience. Through video conferencing, you, or your student, can receive information, directions, and practice sessions to help develop skills, expand knowledge, or explore areas that will help build success.

Chris Niemoeller

Ms. Niemoeller


With years of experience, 25 in business and 25 in education, it seems natural to develop coaching services to help individual achieve their learning goals.


Seeking certified math instructor(s)        able to provide support for middle, secondary, and post secondary level math courses.

Experience with Zoom  Video Conferencing (or similar program) preferred. 

Lyn Asta

Ms. Asta

Over 25 years of elementary and secondary teaching and administrative experience  allows her to provides well targeted support for success in elementary, middle courses and high school sciences.  

Steven Skaggs

Mr. Skaggs

Having finished a master's degree for teaching secondary science and math, a fellowship in science and assistant professor position at UMSL, he continues to offer help to students to build success in high school science and math.

Delores Cook

Ms. Cook

With extensive experience in both regular and special education, a gentle humor runs through all she offers in Beginning American Sign Language. 

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